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New Book Positions Community Colleges as Key to Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) has published its second book, IMPACT ED: How Community College Entrepreneurship Creates Equity and Prosperity (John Hunt Publishing, 2020). The book is part of a series on transformational change entitled, Resetting Our Future: A Roadmap for Restoring Jobs & Rebuilding the Economy and is intended to help people think about resetting their communities and lives in response to the global pandemic. Co-written by NACCE President and CEO Rebecca Corbin, and Hillsborough Community College Entrepreneurship faculty Andy Gold and Mary Beth Kerly, the book focuses on economic and social rebuilding strategies that can be deployed quickly and inclusively through existing college infrastructure and networks built on empathy and trust. “IMPACT ED offers a roadmap to the future by providing leaders with shovel-ready projects focused on entrepreneurship education,” said Corbin. “Deployed through local community colleges, these projects provide a path to recovery for communities economically damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Scaling these projects to 50 states and 50 nations will accelerate the formation of new businesses, create jobs, and up-skill the workforce. This pathway leads to hope, uplifting those impacted by the pandemic’s devastation, especially marginalized groups.” NACCE is the country’s leading organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship through community colleges. In 2019, NACCE published its highly acclaimed book, Community Colleges as Incubators of Innovation: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Communities and Students (Stylus LLC, 2019). The book is co-authored by 10 entrepreneurship education thought leaders from throughout the country who illustrate how urban, suburban, and rural ecosystems are positively impacted by entrepreneurial mindset and action.

Endorsements "If we want to have a more just and equitable economy, we have to empower more Americans not just to get a job, but to create jobs. The authors of Impact ED have developed a clear and compelling roadmap to bring entrepreneurship to communities across the country.” – Thomas Kalil, Chief Innovation Officer, Schmidt Futures "During a time that has been overshadowed with anxiety and uncertainty, Impact ED offers a blue print on how to move forward effectively in an ever-changing society. This book can be viewed as a roadmap for those who understand the pivotal role education has and will always play in a civilized culture. The authors of this work have offered incredible insight which encourages readers to embrace “limited-less possibilities” before them." – Donald D. Moore, M.Div.; Ed.D., Pastor Mount Carmel Baptist Church Philadelphia, PA "Impactful, and empathetic education is more critical today than in recent memory. The dynamic nature of education and society needs a compass to guide us toward a future that is unknown. This book provides rich direction on how entrepreneurship instruction provides a bridge between education today and the workforce skills of tomorrow.” – Governor Jeb Bush, Florida

About NACCE NACCE is an organization of educators, administrators, presidents and entrepreneurs focused on igniting entrepreneurship in their communities and campuses. NACCE has two main goals: to empower college leaders to approach the business of running a community college with an entrepreneurial mindset and to grow the community college's role in supporting job creation and entrepreneurs in their local ecosystem. NACCE has over 340 member colleges, representing nearly 2,000 members and approximately 3.3 million students. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter at @NACCE, like us on Facebook, and join our LinkedIn group. To learn more about this publication or to order a copy, visit us online at

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